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Return Exchange


offers a very transparent and simple one week(07 Days) Return & Replacements policy.

“if any precious or semi precious gems stones supplied or sold by the company, fails theofficial lab test of the lab established by The “Geological Survey of India” then company will gurantee to  refund the  100 % Full amount (Money Back ) against that products.”

Conditions to be eligible for the Returns & Replacement Policy:

  1. Item(s) must be in their original,sealed pack and unused condition.
  2. Replacement for items are subject to inspection and checking by the team.
  3. Damages due to neglect, improper usage will not be included under our Returns & Replacement Policy.
  4. Product should be accompanied with Original Product Certificate and Original/Copy of Invoice, packaging, documentation, lab certificates, discount coupons, etc
  5. Return & Replacement will be entertained for the one time only.

Return Policy on Loose Gemstones :-

For loose gemstones,you can return the Gemstone with 90% store credit(no money back) within the one week(07 days) period by meeting the condition mentioned above.

Return Policy on Gemstone Jewelry (Rings, Pendant, Lockets, bracelets etc.) and Loose Gemstones Customized Into Jewelry :-

Any custom jewelry (Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Lockets etc.) created for you cannot be returned for Money. You can however, request for a store credit, worth 75% of your invoice value, for use against future purchases on our store.

All Disputes are subject to jaipur jurisdiction Only.

– Shipping Charges are not refundable.
– Return Shipment is at customer’s cost
– Additionally, any additional lab certificate that may have been ordered apart from the free along with the gemstone, shall not be refunded in the return payment.
Returns will take 7 business days to process (from the receiving date of the product at our address). Please note that the credit card company / banks may take another week to reflect that in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions: Returns & Replacement Policy

  1. When does the 10-Day Return Period Start?

The 10-Day period starts from the day that you receive your product, as shown by our courier records.

  1. I bought 2 loose gemstones, I like one of them – can I return the other?

Yes, under our no-questions asked return policy on gemstones with 100% “STORE CREDIT”.

  1. I have lost the lab certificate and original packaging of the product. Can I still return the loose gemstone?

We usually require full original product certificate, invoices, documentations, lab certificates, packaging, documentation, discount coupons, etc. that may have accompanied the loose gemstone. In the absence, of any of these items, you are not eligible for the 100% Store credit. However, you may still be eligible for Partial Replacement / Store Credit. Please contact our customer support team, with your exact scenario, so that we may assist you.

  1. Can I return a gemstone that I purchased and got studded in a ring?

Our Returns policy clearly states that any custom jewelry cannot be returned. However, you are eligible for a store credit worth 75% of your invoice value, for use against future purchases on

  1. I am returning a loose gemstone. How should I send it?

In case you are returning or replacing a gemstone, please take the following steps:
– Contact Customer Support and get a Return Authorization
– Ensure that you keep all original objects that accompanied the gemstone like Original Product Certificate and Original/Copy of Invoice, packaging, documentation, lab certificates, discount coupons, etc.
– Pack the items carefully and send only through a reputed courier with insurance for the package. Take the courier tracking information and share with us. You can find our address by clicking here Contact Us
– We recommend that you send the product back through ‘DTDC Plus’ service from your nearest DTDC branch. This service assures Next Business Day (NBD) delivery on priority in all metros and major cities and minimizes any risk involved relating to delays, misplace or theft.
– You may also have to ascertain which couriers accept jewelry. At times, customers have managed to circumvent this rule (at their own risk) by simply mentioning the product as “Artificial Jewelry” or “Astrological Product”

IMPORTANT: Do not write the name or any gemstones, jewelry related words on the outside of the package, as it may attract undue attention and theft of the package. Instead please correctly mention us as “ Gems Pvt Ltd”