ASTRO-PLANET is operated by young, energetic and dedicated team of astrologers, our astrologers are well educated, experienced and do active research in the field of astrology day today to update the knowledge. They are always ready to dedicate full time and efforts to provide effective remedies to your problems.

We organize conferences on astrology and vaastu every year nearby or on 15th August a special day of celebration of independence ceremony of our country (India).

In addition to it, we also give away prestigious “Jyotish Bhaskar” award to qualified astrologers in the award ceremony conducted during our conferences.

Astrologers: If you are qualified and experienced astrologer, numerologist and tarot card reader who wish to work with our GLOBALGALAXY team, please send us your complete CV. Please let us know if you capable of writing articles for any magazines or news.


Astrology or “Jyotish” as it is popularly called has been traditionally practiced from the days of ancient India or Bharat. According to Shastra’s it has been called as “Netra” meaning eyes since it guides us towards our future. Because of the deeds or karmas done in the past birth a human being born on earth tastes good and bad events in life as “karma phal” given to him/her through the medium of planets, nakshatras and rashies.

So what is astrology exactly? It is basically sign language of planets which depicts a person’s future. People who read the language of planets are hence called as astrologers. To understand this further we know that Sun is the source of energy to our planet and all planets revolve around Sun in the Solar System. All of these planets keep on moving into 12 Rashis and nakshatras as a result of this revolution. There is a continuous heavy emission of cosmic and magnetic rays from Sun because of its ever burning process. These rays travel to all the planets of the Solar system and after collision from a particular planet such as Saturn, Jupiter these rays come towards mother Earth. When these rays reach Earth it impacts human life in a big manner by bringing qualitative changes in human beings, their nature and impact us through incidents, happenings and other such criterions. Because of this we run dasas of different planets at times such as Shani dasa, Mangal Dasa, Shukra Dasa as is popularly known in Astrology which is its backbone. During Shani period we are compelled to receive rays of Saturn or Shani in maximum quantity as compared to other planets hence

At the time of birth of a person on a particular place there is a “UNIQUE” position of planets in a rashi and nakshatra, additionally with the measurement of longitude and latitude of the place it creates a unique birth chart which is basically map of the outer space at the time of birth, hence used to calculate all the future events in a person’s life. Also through gemstones, rudraksh wearing, offering prayers and by doing miscellaneous remedies we can reduce the impact of planets which harm us and increase the impact of planets who support us through lifetime. Astrology has been widely used to comfort human beings in day today time using these easy remedies.