Why We Are World’s First Brand of Real Gems Stone

  1. GLOBAL GALAXY is the first company of the world in the business of “branded” gems stones.
  2. Company’s promoters are doing business at large in this industry at pink city Jaipur since 1996 which is a city known for gems stone and for Jewellery made with use of gems stones.
  3. Company’s promoters are masters of gem stones and having a great experience of identification of quality of branded gem stone.
  4. Company procures gems stones rough/kharad direct from mines throughout the world.
  5. Company has own manufacturing unit (Factory) for manufacturing of branded gem stone at Jaipur.
  6. Company has own gem testing laboratory for testing of quality and genuineness of all real gemstones..
  7. Company hires Govt. valuers to categorize the quality of each and every Gem Stone.
  8. Company does certification about the description and quality of all gems products before selling them..
  9. Company also claims that “if any precious or semi precious gems stones supplied or sold by the company, fails the official lab test of the lab established by The “Geological Survey of India” then company will guarantee to refund the 100 % Full amount (Money Back) against that products.
  10. And the most important thing which makes us unique in the world is, we have a unique pricing policy and process. We provide MRP (Maximum Retail Price) certificate and a unique code of all our products with quality control.
  11. All Gems stones are segregated in six categories of quality for pricing of product i.e. GOOD, BETTER, SPECIAL, DELUX, EXPORT AND ULTIMATE quality. It makes easy for every end-user (Customer) to understand and buy a suitable product as per his/her budget and requirements.
  12. Details and description including certification of genuineness of that product is available at website of the company and if any person wants to know about details of products of the company then he can visit our website i.e. www.ebuygems.com
  13. The promoters of the company have a mantra of providing all gems stones to the buyers at best price with their mantra of direct from
  14. The process of making gems stone marketable from rough/ kharad to a gem stone are generally pass through various channels which are as under:-
    • Procure rough/ kharad from mines
    • Miner to Importer
    • Importer to Manufacturer
    • Manufacture to National Wholesaler
    • National Wholesaler to City Wholesaler
    • City Wholesaler to Retailer
    • Retailer to Astrologer
    • Astrologer to Consumer.
  15. At every channel margin of profit are generally added in the price of gems stones and same became very high in the hand of consumer. Therefore, promoters of the company started to think to provide gems stone to buyer from direct
  16. with branded certification of gems stone at best price and with motto to earn a class of satisfied customer to take away their business to sky height.